Cautious, Balanced and Adventurous Portfolios available across SIPP wrappers.


Our diversified strategy comprises three portfolio options that can be tailored to both first time and experienced investors looking to invest their savings via: 

  • Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP)
    a flexible savings account with no limits on the amount invested.

The three portfolio options comprise a globally diversified mix of investments and asset classes, developed to cater to varying risk profiles. Click on the links to explore each of the portfolios in more detail.

3% target rate*

ideal for first time investors

5% target rate*

suitable for those with a medium risk appetite

7% target rate*

suitable for the more avid investor

Managers comment.

The strong performance seen in global markets throughout the start of 2017 has continued on the whole, however some sectors are showing signs of slowing. As we head into the height of the summer months, market returns have been generally good. While the US FED, the ECB and BOJ all decided to keep rates on hold, we believe it will be central bank policy that will shape the markets in the final quarters of 2017.

The decline in the strength of the dollar has been a major factor in Q2 and is continuing in Q3. A weak US dollar and low interest rates have been a boost for markets and economies relying on dollar financing, specifically emerging market economies. Emerging market equities also benefited from a supportive global backdrop,  outperforming developed markets. In Q2 Eurozone equities gained ground. This is a result of reduced political risk in the area along with positive economic data and improved corporate earnings – unfortunately gains were capped over concerns the Central Bank could start to tighten policy. UK equities made positive returns in Q2 amid robust corporate earnings although uncertainty still surrounds the UK and the GBP with concern over the political backdrop and the future path of monetary policy.

The global economy has picked up steam in 2017 and the markets have reacted accordingly, with the FSTE and DOW regularly hitting and exceeding record highs. The shine has been taken off slightly mid Q3 with a spike in geopolitical tensions, particularly in Asia and the Middle east, but we expect good fundamentals to support markets throughout the rest of the year.

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